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  • How long do the walking tours take?

    Each of the three loops total between 1 and 1.5 miles. At a moderate pace and setting aside time for a few stops along the way, budget between 1 and 2 hours. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.

  • Which of the three loops would you recommend for a visitor who has limited time and wants to experience all the New Britain has to offer?

    We really love all three of the loops, if you are crunched for time and really want to see what makes New Britain unique, we recommend starting in front of City Hall (27 West Main Street) and walking up West Main Street towards Walnut Hill park and the Green Loop. You'll get the opportunity to see some of our historic downtown, walk in the Frederick Law Olmstead-designed park, and see unique vistas of Little Poland and the rest of the City from the Rose Garden.

  • Do you have a visitors center?

    We do! Stop by the New Britain Downtown District at 66 West Main Street. Inside, you'll find a rotating art gallery, information and pamphlets on the latest happenings, restaurants, and other amenities in New Britain. Employees are also available to help you plan your visit and answer any questions you may have.

  • Do you have any recommendations for places to eat?

    Along all three routes, there are a variety of options to choose from, including Polish, Puerto Rican, Thai, and American cuisine. If you are looking for options, try downloading the mobile phone app Yelp or click here to visit the Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce website for a directory.

  • I am interested in learning more about the history of New Britain - where do you recommend I go?

    Visit the New Britain Public Library at 20 High Street. There is a bounty of books on local history there, along with a Local History Room containing census records, maps, photographs and more. Click here to find out when the Local History Room is open or to schedule a special visit. Another great resource is the New Britain Industrial Museum, which is located in the Central Connecticut State University ITDB Building at 85 Main Street. Click here for hours and special program listings.

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